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Circular Lifting Magnet

Jupiter Scrap Magnets have been engineered and specifically designed to fit all scrap processing operations. We offer various models that come in a range of sizes from 750mm to 2500mm and are designed for top operational efficiency and lasting durability.

Jupiter Magnetics Private Ltd manufacturing a Scrap Lifting Magnet since 1965 for transporting iron and steel using magnetic power. Based on our past experience of 50 years, our latest lifting magnets are developed. Our circular lifting magnets transport steel blocks, pigs and scrap in scrap yards and ports and transport and process all forms of scrap in steelworks and foundries.  They also crush clinker in skull cracker ball operations.

Jupiter Heavy Duty Scrap Handling Magnets
The Jupiter Scrap Magnet Series are incredibly robust heavy-duty deep field handling magnets manufactured with a cast steel shell, manganese steel bottom plate, and ribbing for extra protection. Fully protected terminals with protective lid and plug-in lead. Wound with a durable aluminum coil (optional copper coil available) suitable for rough everyday usage, offering the strongest magnetic lifts.

JUPITER JCL, JCM & JCX - Low Amp, Cool Running, Ribbed Magnets. Lifts are consistent over extended period of the day.  Ideal for continuous rough usage, all day, everyday!

All Jupiter magnets are supplied complete with rated high quality alloy chains and male/female plug in connectors.

Jupiter's  Circular Lifting Magnets: All our circular lifting magnets are constructed in a cast  housing, a coil firmly connected to the  housing by means of a heat conductor which  lies around the  central pole. A hard manganese steel  bumping plate seals away the magnet's interior. High-performance chains provide maximum safety when carrying the magnet under load. The  cable connection is also efficiently  protected.

Scrap Lifting Magnet