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Shuttering Magnet/Precast Concrete Magnet

The usage of Shuttering Magnets, Precast Concrete Magnets or Magnetic Box significantly extends the variety of possible forms for the precast concrete production process. This allows to accept individual orders and quickly react on the changing tendencies in the building industry.

The precast concrete industry has been searching for a more economical and efficient formwork method. In the past, some conventional magnets were used to position and fasten the formwork, but considerable mechanical loads with a hammer were required, which was easy to damage the magnets and the surface of the expensive formwork tables as well. In order to facilitate the formwork activities, Jupiter Magnetics is developing and manufacturing our own shuttering magnet to solve this problem successfully.

Our shuttering magnet also known as button magnets provides quick operation leading to improved efficiency when setting out and breaking down the formwork. It consists of a switchable NdFeB magnet unit and a steel casing that forms a certain designed magnetic circuit. By pressing the button on top of the steel casing, this magnetic force is activated so that this magnet can fasten the formwork to the steel table tightly. In a deactivated mode, the magnet is easy to position. By means of two threaded holes integrated on the top, this magnet can be equipped with various adapters, which can provide unlimited options for use.

JUPITER Precast produced shuttering magnet 450-2100KGS which is a large size shuttering magnet specification for steel precast concrete platform. JUPITER shuttering magnet is an ideal range of applications perfectly suitable for all kinds of precast concrete formwork construction, both for wood and steel shuttering. All JUPITER shuttering magnets have extraordinarily high adhesive power in comparison to their weight. With the accordingly developed adopter technology JUPITER shuttering magnets provided unlimited options for use, which meet your requirements at all times. The JUPITER shuttering magnet has an automatic System to activate and deactivate the magnet and allows unlimited options at the push of a button.