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Permanent Magnetic Overband Separators are designed to permanently remove tramp metal from the production stream. The units are installed downstream of a trommel or a vibrating feeder to separate lightweight material from the heavier permanent magnetic materials.

Jupiter's Permanent Magnetic Overband Separators, the range is made from the finest materials. Overband Magnetic separators are utilized for removing various ferrous contaminants. The Magnetic Separator provides protection through self-cleaning protection from the conveyed material. The Overband Magnetic Separator can be mounted at the top of the frame. The ferrous contaminants are conveyed on the conveyor and are discharged to a collection bin by the cleated belts. The Overband Magnet can be mounted perpendicular to the material flow or over the head pulley parallel to the material flow. The separator consists of conveyor belts, adjustable take-ups, a rugged steel channel frame, and a shaft-mounted speed reducer with a direct drive motor.

Typical Applications of Overband Magnets:

​​Manufactured in self-cleaning with a cross belt conveyor system, they automatically

discard the tramp iron from the process.

Most effective for removal of tramp iron from materials carried over conveyors/

vibratory feeders or inclined planes.

Suitable for foundry, coal mines, cement work, food, chemical industries,

domestic waste cycling plants, material processing, etc.


Features of Overband Permanent Magnetic Separator:
  • Permanent magnet - no power required.
  • Manufactured to customer specification and type of process
  • Powerful performance due to deep magnetic field
  • Easily installed
  • Maintenance free
  • Guaranteed performance
Applications of Magnet Separator:
  • Coal Industries, Power Plants
  • Cement Industries
  • Abrasive Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Paper and Pulp Industries
  • Ceramic and Glass Industry
  • Recycling Industries
  • Foundries etc.