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Plate Magnet

Jupiter - Permanent Plate Magnet can be installed in any position, in any condition – in hot, cold or wet locations, on vibrating equipment to trap tramp iron from a wide range of dry, wet, solid, materials.

Jupiter Plate Magnets can be manufactured with either a strontium ferrite, or a high-intensity neodymium iron boron (rare earth) magnet system. The more powerful rare earth solution is advised for removing much finer iron particles from powders and foodstuffs. To extract metal from deeper burdens and increased throughput rates Jupiter Magnetics Private Limited can also provide a dual deep field separator. All plate magnets are virtually maintenance free, offering a long service life not affected by wet conditions.


Typical application of Permanent Plate Magnet:

  • The plate magnets are a manually cleaned solution and are often used in similar applications to the suspension magnet but on a smaller scal

  • ​The suspension magnet can be used for extracting metals on belt widths between 450mm to 2000mm. If the belt width is less than 450mm wide, then a plate magnet would be a more suitable alternative

Models of Jupiter Rare Earth Plate Magnets:

  • The Standard Plate Magnet

  • The standard plate magnet is the most commonly used unit from the Plate magnet range. The magnet itself is made from strontium ferrite and has a stainless steel casing with projected magnetic poles. The strontium ferrite units are suitable for picking up ferrous contaminants such as nuts, bolts, nails and screws.

  • The Rare Earth Plate Magnet

  • The rare earth plate magnet is made from neodymium iron boron, which generates an extremely high magnetic intensity. This particular model is used for specialized applications such as the removal of fine iron particles from powders and food stuffs. An optional tapered pole can be fitted to the rare earth plate magnet, which ensures that any extracted ferrous contamination does not get pulled back into the product stream.