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Easy clean Magnetic Grid

Jupiter Magnetic Grids are engineered for easy installation in steep-sloped hoppers, odd and irregular-shaped hoppers, floor openings, vertical closed chutes, ducts, etc. Magnetic Grids can be used to remove ferrous fines as well as tramp iron from dry particulates.

Jupiter Magnetic Grids are placed directly in the product stream allowing free-flowing products to come in direct contact with the magnetic grid. Grid Magnet is typically constructed with one-inch diameter magnetic tubes mounted on two-inch centers in a frame. The length and width can be fabricated to any dimension, usually in two-inch increments.


Magnetic Grids offer excellent protection from metal contamination. As the product flows over the magnetic tubes, captured metal contaminants are pushed to the underside of the tube where they are now out of contact with the product flow preventing wash-off back in to the clean material.


Cleaning is achieved by removing the Magnetic Grid and wiping the magnetic tubes clean. It is important to keep in mind that by placing a Magnetic Grid in the product flow, you will be reducing fifty percent of your flow-through area. Magnetic Grid should be sized so they do not impede the flow of product.


Magnetically engineered to provide a full range of ferrous metal separation from free-flowing products with gravity fall processing applications. Jupiter's designs offer maximum capture, control, and protection of equipment while improving product purity. For maximum protection, locate in critical areas where capture is possible, most needed, and where removal for cleaning is feasible. Magnetic Grids are most effective when the product is dry, free-flowing, and does not bridge between the magnetic tubes (Jupiter Magnetics also offers other magnetic designs for those more difficult applications). Select a Magnetic Grid at least twice the cross-sectional area of the incoming spout opening and discharge. When in doubt, phone Puritan for engineering assistance.

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